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Is this Too Hot to Handle???

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The last few days have been very hectic at rsvpmagic, working with some really creative people. 

First up is the amazing Kieron Johnson who is just about to release a fantastic new project with us, Too Hot to Handle, which is unlike any other magic trick on the market. You'll learn something that's both unique and fun to do. Imagine taking an ice cold can of soda and changing it to contain a named of hot drink! Tea, Coffee, Hot Milk, Latte, with sugar, without sugar... you name it and it can be done!!! Check out the demo here:

Another thing that I do as a producer, is shoot and edit promos for selected acts that I both encourage and admire. One such person is a great young magician called Stephen Williams. For the last few months, I've been helping him by staging and teaching him some new stage routines and last Friday (30th January 2015) he sold out The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool and performed his own one-man show. It was special for me personally for two reasons. The first was that he act received three jump up standing ovations which from a UK audience isn't seen often. The second was that it was the first time that he performed my original "Shape of My Heart" card routine with my full permission. It was a strange thing to see someone else doing the exact same routine move for move, but I know that I've passed it on to someone that will respect it and carry it forwards into the future. Congratulations Stephen Williams!

Here's the full performance from last Friday night:

Stephen also performed a stage version of "Too Hot to Handle" and you can see here just how well it plays in front of a sold out crowd!

I hope you've enjoyed this update and if you'd like more info about our products and get special offers, please register for our newsletter at the bottom of our main page.

Thanks again for your support. 

Best, Russ - rsvpmagic




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