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Well this is going to be interesting..

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Hello Everyone and welcome to this blog, which will be a feature of our new look website thats now up and running. 

Doing a Blog got me thinking about what I could actually talk about, so I've decided it'll be a mixture of everything thats rsvpmagic and also about some of the other aspects of my work that may also be of interest to you as a magician and customer. 

Firstly: So what's new at rsvpmagic??? Well we've just released a brand new John Carey Project called "Classic Carey" which will coincide with the launch of his amazing book at this years Blackpool Convention. Also being released and ready for Blackpool this year will be an amazing project from Brendan Rodrigues called "Visualize" that features some incredible magic without a card trick in sight! Check out the trailer elsewhere on the website.

Other big news is the upcoming release of a new Kieron Johnson project called "Too Hot to Handle". If you liked his other release with us, "To The Max". I know that workers everywhere will love this routine and the effect that it has on audiences. We'll be sending out more information soon via our newsletter, so please make sure you subscribe asap. Kieron's new project will initially only be available on a limited basis due to the manufacture of the holders that are supplied and so initially I've decided to make it available from rsvpmagic and a limited number of other dealers. Either way, I expect our initial run to sell out quickly so watch out for all the information we'll be giving soon.

Another huge project that we've just shot is by Todd Landman which looks like being a two DVD set. If mind-reading and storytelling are your thing, then I know you'll love this DVD set. More information coming your way soon about this incredible DVD set.

In other News: Some of you may know that aside from running rsvpmagic, I also manage an illusionist called James More. His rise has been meteoric, with his main YouTube video being seen by over 39 Million people around the world. Live magic is my original background and I love watching great live performers, because ultimately I think magic is best experienced in front of real people.

It's a fact that I HATE most TV magic and it's use of edits, camera cheats and even CGI over recent years. It's no longer the art that I love and belongs more at home with companies like Industrial Light and Magic, than it ever does in our world. It's got so bad that we even now have a term for it amongst ourselves. 'TV Magic'. It was my main motivation to work with James More and Darcy Oake on BGT. To show what an impact you can make doing straight magic, live and without the cheats. They've both more than proved my point with their performances on BGT over the last two years. 

It was therefore really cool to see a video this morning of Dynamo performing a car illusion last night in London. As someone who has generally disliked all of his TV stuff, it was great to see him doing something that was live and on stage. I really do want his live show to be great, as it'll flow on through for all of us and can only be good for magic in general. Congratulations to all involved.




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