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Chaotic by Kieron Johnson

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 Product Description

Welcome to Chaotic the brand new project from Kieron Johnson

Kieron, creator of our best selling trick of 2012, To the Max, invites you join him as he performs and explains nine of his favourite routines. All are from his current working set and are audience tested in the real world. This really is material that you WILL use.

CIO - Kieron's take on the classic Card In Orange routine. What sets this apart is that the spectator rips the corner off of the chosen torn card and keeps it. It matches, exactly, the card that is inside the orange! Brilliant stuff and a real worker!

Lollypop - Kieron's favourite opening trick, either performed fast or as part of a unique prediction, where the magician produces a thought of object in a flash of fire!

Stop Kicking Me - A sure fire classic in the making. A video is shown of the magician holding a face down card on his phone. A playing card is now FREELY chosen (no force) and the spectator now plays the video that was paused only moments before. When the magician in the video turns over the card he is holding, it's the freely chosen card! A real reputation maker!

Borrowed Phone in Ballon & Wallet- A borrowed phone penetrates inside a Balloon. The Balloon is burst and the phone removed. The balloon is now restored magically and the phone now vanishes visibly, appearing inside your wallet that has been sitting on the table throughout! Mind-blowing, reputation making magic that will get you repeat bookings.

Chaotic FKS - Kieron's unique take on the art of fork bending, including a unique moment where the fork actually twists in the spectators own hand. Unreal.

Transcend - A superb rising card that can use a borrowed Deck and two glasses. The freely chosen card rises completely under your control and inside the covered glasses. This is one that your audiences will talk about, long after you're gone!

Bigger - Kieron's unique take on the Sponge Balls that can play close up or on stage

The 5 Rules of Magic - A quick opening routine that is snappy and above all, amazing

Credit Crunch - A unique way to reveal a chosen playing card on your actual credit card!

The Devils Triumph - Kieron's take on the classic plot that's unlike any other!


Running time 2 hours and 30 minutes - Worldwide Playback 

Copyright rsvpmagic 2013

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  • rsvp presents _ CHAOTIC BY KIERON JOHNSON
    ORDER FROM WWW.RSVPMAGIC.COM The anticipated follow up to his ...

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 Product Reviews

  1. Chaotic but organised chaotic!!

    Posted by Phil Peacock on 12th Feb 2015

    I bought this DVD at the same time as Brendan Rodrigues Visualise two DVD's that are worlds apart in Style but both brilliant in their own way.
    I do like Kieron's stuff and this is no exception, the performances are great and the explanations very clear ( the sponge ball explanation is hillarious, obviously a good night enjoyed by all !!)
    There are tricks on here I will be using, The lollipop and "Stop Kicking me" for starters. Not sure about the forks as they really suit Kierons style, but will be working on it to adapt to my style.
    Once again a well produced DVD from RSVP

  2. chaotic

    Posted by pablo on 13th Sep 2013

    • Chaotic by Kieron Johnson admire beautiful tricks to great effect and simple to make.
    the DVD is very well done and clear explanations! sorry for my english

  3. Fantastic

    Posted by Dan Holloway on 25th Jul 2013

    This DVD is brill. The tricks are really simple but so powerful. Well done Kieron. Russ excellent filming again but wouldn't expect anything else. Guys if you liked Kieron's to the max you must take a look at his new trick re-location iceolation. It's amazing must buy.

  4. Chaotic review

    Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2013

    OK guys, as promised, here's a detailed review of Keiron's latest DVD - Chaotic. Right from the ordering process, straight through to watching all the DVD, here we go

    I ordered my Chaotic just before the release date from RSVP and RSVP were very quick to dispatch. I was luckily enough to receive the 10% discount. One thing that doesn't stand well for me is the shipping cost. RSVP are charging £2.99 for a first class, standard delivery, which I think is quite over-priced.

    Okay, from the initial start of Kieron's DVD, my first impressions was great. Kieron's natural ability to teach people how the effects are performed in great detail is excellent. His clear diction coupled with his relaxed mannor really makes it easier to learn and to follow.

    Moving onto the nine routines. I like most of them. My favourite routine is the mobile phone in balloon, very strong and direct. I do also like Lollipop too. My least favourite effect is the playing card on credit/debit card, it's simply not strong enough.

    Overall ratings:

    Effects: 9/10. Minus a point for the playing card on card, doesn't really cut it for me.

    Production Quality: 9/10. I think the audio and picture quality is again, exceptional, do you use a Canon XLH1 or similar? Russ, the only downfall with this DVD is the audio levels. The backing music and sound FX are considerably louder than Kieron's voice. The levels on his voice needs to be louder to balance better with your backing music/sound FX. I'm more than happy to help you out further on this if need be, send me a PM.

    To the Mighty Master Kieron! Your stuff is definitely dynamite and I'm very impressed with the content, got to say WELL worth the money. And if you're reading this now, looking for reviews of Keiron Johnson's Chaotic, then waist NO time, order it, you won't be disappointed. Also, To the Max, WOW, what can I say?

    I hope this review is helpful.

    Kind regards.


  5. An enjoyable DVD with some commercial routines

    Posted by Mike Donoghue on 8th May 2013

    Alot of DVDS send me to sleep. This one didn't.
    Kieron is obviously a seasoned performer who does the stuff he is releasing on a regular basis. Because of this, the material is good and it has to be, because this is how he pays his bills.
    Most of us will have variations of the routines on this disc but it's worth checking out K's twists and why he does them HIS WAY.
    Favourites for me were Lollypop, Credit Crunch,Transcend &Borrowed phone in Baloon & Wallet. PS. check out Stop Kicking Me as well.
    You can't go wrong with this.Very Good.

    Mike Donoghue Full Time Working Magician

  6. Awesome Magic.

    Posted by Craig on 7th May 2013

    There is so much magic you can actually use in the real world.
    A brilliant dvd especially for the great price
    The trick "Stop Kicking Me" is worth more than the price of the dvd alone.
    Brilliant magician, brilliant dvd.


  7. Chaotic review

    Posted by Paul wingham on 7th May 2013

    I got this yesterday and watched it all the way through immediately. Firstly and as a book reader predominantly, this is important; kieron is really easy to watch. He has a relaxed slightly mad performing style but people like him. I've watched many dvds and I have to say, some are quite hard to watch because the performance is uneasy. that's definitely not the case here.

    So the tricks; well, I know why its called chaotic and that's not a bad thing. There are lots of different things used such as cards, spongeballs, forks and lollipops etc. I think most people will find something they will use, although I'd be surprised if too many people use everything; just because there's a lot of variety. For me there were a few things I really liked but I loved the lollipop idea. So simple, visual and engaging. I will definitely use it, as its such a logical opener.

    To summarise, I really enjoyed this, both in terms of the magic and the performance. I don't think kieron would mind me saying, this is not a dvd for move monkeys. Nothing hard to do and nothing particualrly revolutionary. However, what kieron does is takes nice plots amd some original ideas and wraps his own personality and performance around them, which results in some engaging and entertaining magic that clearly works in the real world. In that respect, he reminds me of matthew wright a little bit.

    I think its great and really enjoyed watching. Thanks

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