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Jamie Raven the real secret...

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Its been about 10 weeks since Jamie Raven auditioned for Simon Cowell, so it was great to finally see his performance on prime time TV last Saturday night here in the UK. 

To say that Jamie hit the mark, is an understatement! In less than three days his performance has been seen by over 1.3 Million people on Youtube and today he made the front page of a UK national tabloid. All slightly surreal...

There has been a lot of talk about how he's made such a success out of quite a simple trick. Well, I've been saying it for a long time. You don't silly formats, just great magic presented by a performer with a theatrical build and structure.  Hopefully people will start to see just what an impact this can make on the public and having already done it twice before with James More and Darcy Oake, it's pretty obvious it works!

If you want the real secrets of what made Jamie such a success, then forget what he did and instead concentrate on how he did it. To learn these secrets I suggest you have a look into "Packs Small, Plays Big" by the brilliant Jamie Allan (the inspiration behind Jamie's performance of Cardtoon). He explains the secrets of just what makes this and several other effects work on a huge stage, getting standing ovations every night .

Please take a look here:

The real secrets to Jamie Raven's success!

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