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Bill Thompson, Russ Stevens & Gary Jones (see the trailer at the bottom of this page)

Welcome to 'The Timeless Project' featuring five amazing routines ultilizing the hidden secrets of the rsvp deck of cards of the same name. Join your hosts Gary Jones & Russ Stevens and they show you five brand new routines that are unique to this very special deck of cards. All are easy to do and pack a killer punch!

Contents Include:

Second Hand - The magician asks to spectator to merely think of any time, there is no force, it's never written down or said to anyone and yet the magician now takes the Timeless Deck (that has been on the table in full view throughout) and spreads the cards showing that there is one card reversed in the entire deck. For the first time the spectator names their time. When the card is turned over that card has their time printed on it! This is a reputation making routine that really is worth the price of the whole project.

Miracle Clock - A spectator again thinks of their favorite time of the day. Without telling anyone or writing it down, the magician is again able to know the time they're thinking off and reveals it in an unusual and amazing way.

Duel Time - Two cards are selected by two spectators. The magician now takes the first card and shows the face to be holding a timepiece in their hand. He places the card onto the spectators hand and asks them to slam their hand down onto the card. When it's turned over the clock face is now broken! Taking the card, the magician skakes the card and magicially restores it back to it's original condition. The second card is turned over and shows a card holding a clocvk set at ten o'clock. The magician takes the card and moves it slowly in front of the spectator, where it seems to visibly change to another time (this can be a prediction ir needed). Ultilizing the special printing ideas on some of the Timeless cards, this is a really cool effect.

Just a Second - The magician shows a selected card to be holding a time and the card is placed face down on the table. The magician now shows his wrist watch and asks the spectator to pull the pin out and set the watch to any time. He tells them that their time will match the time on the face down card sitting on the table throughout. The watch is turned over to reveal an hour and the card turned over... the times don't match! Taking the card, the magician asks the spectator to turn an invisible winder at the side of the card, as if moving the hands on the printed face. When  it's turned over the card now matches the time on the watch. Truly amazing stuff!

The instructional DVD has been show in full HD (1920x1080p), runs for 50 minutes and is worldwide playback. Please note that due the manufacture of the special deck included, this is a very limited run and that the DVD is a DVDR.


Magic Reviewed says:

"For $40 bucks you get two Timeless Decks of cards (1 "gaffed", 1 regular) plus 5 effects you can do with these decks

 If you read my review of the Timeless Deck you'll already know that I'm a big fan of the deck. I knew that it had potential for several effects using the theme of the deck itself along with some of the special cards that come with the deck.

Then along comes this project to prove me right. There are 5 effects on this DVD that range from good to unbelievable, and this just scratches the surface. The video is well produced, and the effects are well taught by Gary Jones. The ad copy is 100% accurate. Russ Stevens should be congratulated for that.

Read the ad copy (below) for Miracle Clock, one of the effects taught:

A spectator again thinks of their favorite time of the day. Without telling anyone or writing it down, the magician is again able to know the time they're thinking off and reveals it in an unusual and amazing way.

Read that again . . . the spectator thinks of a time; she never writes it down; she never tells anyone; she never says it out loud; yet you actually are able to know the time she thought of. This principle used in this effect is worth the price of the DVD alone. How you choose to reveal the time thought of is up to you. The reveal taught in this effect is excellent; it uses the Timeless Deck, but you can use any kind of reveal you wish.

One of the cards that comes with the regular deck is one that shows the clock on the face of one of the cards smashed. I came up with my own presentation for this, and you are also taught one on the DVD. It's a fun way to alter the actual image on a playing card. Essentially it's just a color change, but the with the different gimmicked (misprinted) cards you are able to make it appear as if you're modifying the clock images on the cards. This is well beyond a "mere" color change.

The doors of time are opened allowing you to alter the time-space continuum with your presentations. Time in and of itself is interesting. Add to the that Time Travel, and further add this beautiful deck of cards and top it all off with an excellent DVD with 5 effects, ideas and principles to add to your aresenal, and you're left with a Timeless Gem."

Final Verdict:

4.5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM.



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rsvp presents - The Timeless Project
  • rsvp presents - The Timeless Project
    To order visit www.rsvpmagic.com Finally here! This is The Ti...

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 Product Reviews

  1. Fabulous Deck and Very Strong Effects

    Posted by Michael Critchley on 22nd Feb 2021

    You get two decks with the production one standard and one specials.

    The decks have a wonder steampunk look and feel and the nature of time allows for some fantastic presentation and patter.

    The routines are all very strong and fantastic teaching from the Maestro Gary Jones.
    One thing that I particularily like with RSVP productions is that they feature real world performances in the wild. So you can see exactly how the effects might fly and go accross.

    Did I mention that one of the strongest routines on the project is self working ! In fact several of the effects are self working.

    Final point is that there are also gaffed cards in the standard deck that allow for further effects and ideas.

  2. Nice routines

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Aug 2020

    Clear Instructions, easy to extend the magic with gimmick deck.
    Beautiful designed on cards

  3. Super projet

    Posted by Laurent on 8th Jul 2020

    Super projet, les decks sont magnifiques, le dvd est bien fait, les explications claires.

    Seul bémol, entre le jour où je l’achète et le jour où je le reçois, le prix du timeless project est passé de 33.5£ à 19.99£ ... du coup j’ai presque payé le double du prix et je trouve ça vraiment pas correct!

  4. Beautiful deck and a nice routines.

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2015

    The cards are simply beautiful.
    The DVD shows well explained tricks.

    To build up your own routines, I discovered that the cards and the tricks from the DVD marry perfectly well with "Timeless" from Liam Montier, and "Tick Tock" from Sean Goodman.

  5. Excellent!

    Posted by sky on 30th May 2014

    This was my very first Magic dvd purchase. There are easy routines and some that I will have to work on. The teaching is good but a bit fast. I am new to Magic so if you are experienced you may not find this to be the case. There are extra things needed with some of the routines, most of them are no problem. I did have an issue with the routines that require the spectator to have a watch. Most folks I know don't wear watches, easy enough to modify most using a smart phone. The fact that the dvd comes with the rough and smooth deck and a regular deck makes this a five star product.

  6. the time is right

    Posted by Nicky Stevens on 21st Oct 2013

    The deck is super detailed and the video explanations are great. this is one to have with you at all times so many ways to use the deck

  7. Epic

    Posted by Cerryth on 22nd Aug 2013

    Is very very very HQ !

    All is explained, the decks are very cool ! Amazing quality ! I have received very very fast ! The DVD is amazing, and thanks a lot for all explanations ! THAT'S AWESOME ! O:

    I'm a time wizard now :)

  8. A Timeless Effect

    Posted by Dr Mike Highton on 17th Jun 2013

    A well-constructed effect is creatively enacted within this project. The explanations and advice is meticulously given. I would recommend this effect to anyone working in the real world; and would entertain a family group, parlour gathering or "mates", wherever and whenever.

    There is something for everyone contained in this project. (Even a mackerel or two!!)

  9. A winner

    Posted by Don Hardy (Macabrec Magic) on 10th Oct 2012

    A brilliant illusion which can be used on it's own or as part of a story.
    It's always ready to perform.

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