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Thank you everyone that has purchased The Timeless Decks and The Timeless Project DVD.

As way of appreciation from us, we'd like to offer two free routines from the creative mind of Paul Hallas. Thank you Paul for sharing these with us and for allowing us to let everyone else know about them.

The first Time Out, is a brilliant way of predicting a thought a time without ever asking the spectator to tell anyone or even write down the time that they're thinking... and all with a regular deck of Timeless Cards!

Thanks again Paul.

Time Out by Paul Hallas

Set the deck with four spot cards on top followed by the four jacks, four queens and four kings in CHaSeD order (which results in the picture cards in time order from 1 to 12) followed by the rest of the deck.

 Ask the spectator to think of an hour in the day but not tell you,whilst you remove the deck from the case and give it a simple false overhand shuffle or at least a false cut retaining the top stack in place. Explain you will hand them the deck and that you want them to deal a number of cards from the top of the deck to the table to match the hour they are thinking of. Give an example by saying if you were thinking of 3 o clock for instance you'd deal three cards. Do so by way of illustration, then add the deck to the top of the dealt cards. Confirm they understand, then say you'll turn your head whilst they do this, but anyone else watching will then know the hour they are thinking of without them saying a word. Hand them the deck and turn away, requesting they let you know when they are done.

Turn back and pick up the deck, and get a break under the top card (this card displays their time). Do a Braue 'Concealed Reversal' as follows. Holding the deck from above, retaining the break, take the lower half of the deck with your free hand and revolve it face up onto the top. Immediately revolve the cards below the break face up and return them to their position and letting the break go. The required card is now reversed in the mioddle of the deck. A spot card shows on the face of the deck.

Explain that everone watching now knows the time but you. You also say it's an inteesting deck because all the picture cards have clocks on, which inspired you to experiment with time in the first place, and say you'll show them what you mean. Thumb over the face card and look a little surprised you've found one so soon but say, "Oh look, there's one here, all the picture cards are similar to this. But earlier, I turned one card over in the deck, look I'll show you."

Turn the deck face down again and ribbon spread it so one card can be seen face up. "You see the card? I did say all the picture cards had clock faces on and all show different times. Would you be amazed if that card showed the time you were just thinking of? Pull it out and have a look!"

Another Use

Using the deck to do a "Triumph" routine with a time travel theme, Sankey's "Back in Time" is a good one that can be found in various places (one source is "Sankey Unleashed" by Jon Racherbaumer). I simply use the time travel plot with Colombini's "Backfire" triumph routine which can be found on the DVD "Impromptu Card Magic" Vol. 1 released through Meir Yedid. In this routine the spectator is given a choice of Jacks, Queens or Kings which once selected I suggest will become time travelers.  The deck eventually travels back in time to before it was mixed ..except for the selected time travelers.




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